Issue 10 | Liberation

Issue 10 | Liberation


"Like a full circle being made standing in the middle of the meadow.
Twirling in playfulness; soil upon my feet.
Gasping in the attar of blooming flowers
and the easements of tree leafs,
I release a hearty scream that-
Solid enough to stand my own ground.
uplifting and encouraging those I Am around.
Because see, I once was lost but now I Am found.
So never again will my mind and spirit be impound.
I hope and believe for all race and genders
to accept and respect the uniqueness of our natures.
I hope and believe that the fruit of our patience
will cultivate a peace among all the nations.

Yes It will take time and it  will not be easy
to heal the minds of our present generation.
But day after day while we strive for cultivation
 we will eventually establish collective liberation!"

Written by local Charm B Poetry


This issue includes more stories of Liberation and is sponsored by



Blackstrap Media
S.K. Rhodes
Fusion Spa and Boutique
Heidi Garza Zumba
Tribe and Trade
Wellness with Emily


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