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We still have weddings on the mind, and spring is around the corner which means the wedding bells are going to start ringing. Keeping the wedding game fresh is so hard these days. There's a lot of pressure on brides to be uber creative and show stopping by putting on a breath taking display. But let's face it, sometimes the money or time or even WANT isn't there. Maybe it's your second wedding, maybe you like simplicity, or maybe you just want to get married, like now. Before you throw your hands up and go to the courthouse, read how to create a meaningful wedding that's simple and memorable. 

1. Location, Vacation, Staycation! You don't have to get married in a church or beautiful barn or even in a reception hall. You don't even have to elope to a beachfront wedding. Pick a place that means something to you like your own home or even a family or friend's home. In our Kiss & Be Married issue, we styled an intimate wedding inspired by the idea of getting married in your own home. Find a beautiful backdrop, move some furniture around, and commit already. We picked the fireplace to be our marriage alter. 


2. Have your cake and eat it too. If you're having an intimate wedding, most likely there will be few guests there. Lower numbers means lower fuss especially for food. If you want to do a small reception, you can make your own cupcakes to serve. Cupcakes are easy to make and easy to eat. You don't have to worry about dinnerware or setting up. Another fun option is renting a food truck. It is cute, memorable, and just plain easy. Our last shoot, Fresh. By Gene's pulled right up, and got to cookin'. We ate, they pulled off into the sunset. Easy, peasy. The food was amazing! 


3. DIY decor. It's not often the we would recommend doing anything DIY for your wedding, but these tips are meant to avoid having a courthouse office as your decor. For our styled shoot, we gathered as many candles as we could, some decor items laying around, and borrowed some florals. It was as simple as that, and it was beautiful. If you choose faux florals, you obviously won't get the aroma from fresh. How about diffusing some essential oils in your space or burning scented candles? Adele's Naturally has a wide assortment of oils and candles that will really help set the mood of the space. You don't have to be over the top. You just have to choose the right things in the right place. 


4. Forgo the rings. Most vows say a "token of my affection". Why not exchange something different than rings? Add a smidge of creativity that's also simple to your day. Maybe place a flower crown on the bride's head or tie bracelets on each other. You can even get matching tattoos after the fact if you want something lasting. If you absolutely want rings, search your local flea markets for vintage jewelry. You never know what you might come across. You could even ask family members if there is a set from grandparents that could be handed down. These will be the tokens that you remember. 


5. Use a wedding planner. Simplicity for many brides is about less responsibility. Wedding planners have great connections. They are more apt to be able to get things done in the short term, keep your vision in line, and your budget on track. Wedding planners aren't just good for huge orchestrated events. They are a great support, fast thinkers, and reduce the fuss. DayLily Events was a part of our intimate home wedding. Jamie was on point with her planning skills even though it was just a styled shoot. 


Weddings aren't always about all the stuff. It's really about the love between two people. And if there is love and thoughtfulness in the location, decor, and tokens, then it will be special. It's about intention, not pressure! There's few celebrations in our life that should be so beautiful! Marriage is a beautiful thing, and so we adorn it with beautiful things. But not having the time, energy, or funds should never get in the way of sharing your life with someone. Save the courthouse for just getting your marriage license, and read our bridal issue, Kiss & Be Married for more great ideas and inspo. 


Special thanks to Megan Vinson Photography for the Kiss & Be Married images. 

Hair Styling::Shawnta DeJarnett of Queens of Kings Barber Shop & Beauty Salon
Makeup :: Amanda Ayer of Fusion Spa and Boutique
Dress :: House of White
Florals :: Larry Joe
Creative Direction:: Allie Peach