#TreatYoSelf Together

We were inspired by our last blog contributor, Claire, to extend our #treatyoself mission to those of you that are not about that single life. It is getting close to THE day of love, and what better way to celebrate than giving you some fresh ideas on how to spoil yourselves and make the best of your time together. We peaked in at Fusion Spa and Boutique for some VDay inspo. Here are our 3 must dos as a couple. 


1. Start simple. Romance doesn't have to be a huge display of fireworks on the Ohio River. Just as we like low key evenings with takeout and a good chick flick, create your own low key date night or even a lazy Saturday morning. Many of the most memorable romantic moments spur out of simple gestures. Make your own little love nest and share something hot. We recommend Fusion's range of specialty teas. They warm you, energize you, and thank goodness, hydrate you. (Wink, wink.)



2. Relax together. All relationships are riddled with internal and external stress. Sometimes the normal de-stressing routines aren't beneficial for both parties. Relationships involve give and take. It's nice for both people to be able take without the giving aspect. Make the effort to seek out professional help for relaxation. This could be doing a yoga or cooking class together or even coupling it up at the spa. Our favorite this season is Fusion's couple massage!



3. Make the effort. As cliche as rose petals scattered about might sound, I don't know one female that wouldn't get butterflies in her stomach when she encountered that scene. It automatically takes us back to every romantic comedy that we've ever watched and how we just wanted someone to throw rose petals around for us. It's not about being inventive. It's about making the effort. It doesn't have to be rose petals. It could be burning candles or strawberries and champagne or for some us our favorite pizza and chocolate! And don't forget our men. They may not be wooed by rose petals, but they certainly respect when someone makes the effort. 


Coupling around this time of year seems to have its benefits when we our overwhelmed with the amount of love propaganda surrounding us. Don't get caught up in the stress of the love season. Stick to these three tips for an easy #treatyoself VDay, and check out Fusion Spa and Boutique for these love finds! 

Special thanks to Analee Sanchez Photography (Fusion photos) and Megan Vinson Photography (couple photos).