Master The Art of #TreatYoSelf // Love IT! EVV Magazine

Our teacher on this subject is none other than the Hot96 Morning Host Claire!


I’m Claire, and I’m 29 and single. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure that it is possible to be much more single than my current relationship status. That’s because, for the most part, I haven’t dated anyone in the past three years. Further, I could count on one hand how many guys I’ve been out on a date with in that amount of time. I have my reasons: I lived in Las Vegas for two of those years and didn’t know many people, I have a tendency to work a lot and am nearly always very busy, I hate the process of dating, etc. It seems like everyone I know is moving in with their boyfriend, getting engaged, or starting a family, and while those are all exciting things - I’m just not there. 

And I don’t hate it.

So what’s so great about being single? I get a chance to do me. I get to do what I want, when I want it. For example, I’ve likely mastered the art of #treatyoself. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to order three pairs of shoes and Sauced carry out all while watching an entire season of Game of Thrones in one weekend night without any complaints or interruptions. I also have ample time for girlfriends, which means spontaneous hang outs, late night vent sessions, weekly lunches and dinners and more. And of course, I’ve had plenty of time to figure myself out. Being single gives you the space and time to discover what you really want and who you really are. During my singledom, I’ve moved across the country alone, made big decisions and dealt with changes and heartbreak on my own, pursued my job and my passion without reservation or compromise, met new people and developed friendships without restrictions, put together cheap furniture without any drama, and I’ve learned how to enjoy quiet time with myself.  

The truth is, I haven’t found the right guy who's worth giving some of that up for. And don’t get me wrong - I long to meet that guy. I’m a romantic who believes in fairytales and soulmates, and I can’t wait to share my every day with someone I love. I’ve even made it a goal or resolution to put myself out there more in 2017. But until then, I won’t settle, I won’t rush, and I won’t pity myself. Instead, I’ll continue to binge watch what I want, waste money on what I want (mostly clothes and organic dog treats), and attend all of my friends’ weddings without a date and that’s fine.

Wherever you are in your life or relationship status, I wish you the best in 2017!

#Treatyoself: Here are some of my favorite ways to treat myself!

River City
Located on Main Street in downtown Evansville, I love to stop in River City and shop their handmade goods or grab a cup of coffee. They have great seasonal drinks, like their Carmel Pecan Latte or Vanilla Mistro Tea. 

Tribe and Trade
Tribe and Trade create unique canvas wall art, framable prints and t-shirts. You can purchase many of their items at River City or on Esty, and I absolutely love their shirts. They are so soft! How cute are their Valentine’s Day designs? 

Sixth Street Soapery
Please do yourself a favor and stop buying any other soap. I am so glad I did. I use the regular bars for body wash and hand soap and only the face wash for my face morning and night. I also love the bath bombs and bath salts! My absolute favorite product, though, is the face serum. You can buy straight from the Soapery in Haynie’s Corner or at other places around such as The Beauty Room, River City and The Refinery.