10 Things Only Teachers Understand // Teacher Appreciation Week


It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and we want to pay tribute to all of those educators that persist and have a lasting impact on us all. Your work does not go unnoticed, nor do your struggles. For that reason, we want to send tribute in a way only you will understand.

You know you're a teacher if… 

1. You have to diet before being “appreciated” because it automatically means you're about to gain 10 lbs. "Thanks Susan. Another 9 x 13 of Oreo cookie crunch Reeses ice cream cake? Sure I'll have a piece."

2. You have the teacher pony down pat. You know the one that happens as a result of forgetting you have morning duty or an 8 am class? It usually stays perfectly due to the extra “moisture” you didn't have time to clean it.  If you pull it low and tight, you hope no one can see it. 

3. Your sock drawer looks like LuLaRoe threw up. A teacher can never have too many colored character socks. It's a rite of passage. It's what all kids believe their teachers need more of.

4. You keep hand lotion in your desk at all times...Mostly to huff when the students come in from recess or when the older versions decide to go on a shower hiatus in lue of study binges. 

5. You may not be athletic, but you sure do move fast when it comes to dodging that one parent at every event.

6. You can continue to eat your lunch after you've already seen the lunch special revisited on the floor. Meh. (Shoulder shrug. Continue to eat.) 

7. You get ziplock baggies full of box tops from complete strangers. 

8. You know a 100 different ways to use a pool noodle. You're kind of like MacGyver with one.

9. You have expanded the capacity of your bladder twofold. Practice makes perfect.

And last, but not least...the reason you all wear glasses...

10. Your doctor tells you that your headaches are most likely from eye strain. And you're like, "yeah eye strain from all the heavy eye rolls, death stares, and rapid eye blinking that happens on the daily."


A sincere special thanks to all of our educators out there! Without you, we would be nowhere.