Step Into Color


Fall is slowly creeping in, and we all starting getting that itch to cuddle up in a sweater, drink more coffee, and even change our hair color. If you haven't ever made a colorful change to your locks, I wrote an article for our Discovery Issue giving my advice on the process...

Discovery is a process both figuratively and literally...especially in this case. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get those mermaid inspired locks? If you're like us, you've watched those sketch tutorials. You've pinned those pins. But you might not have actually done it. Well, in theme of our Discovery issue, we did it for you.


It is a process to process your hair. So we've outlined the steps and tips from our experience with Fusion Spa.


Talkie Before Walkie


You must call and at least do a phone consultation before committing to do something like this. You cannot just walk into a salon and say, “I want blue hair.” Well, I guess you can, but it may not happen. You want to make sure the product is in stock, your stylist knows a little bit about your hair, and that a process is understood. This does not happen in one sitting.


Be real.


After your consult, most likely you will want to snag some Pinterest pins of what you want to show your stylist. Pinner beware! Many of those photos are photoshopped. You want to make sure you have realistic expectations going into this. Don't fall into the Pinterest envy trap. Keeping it real will avoid major crash and burn when you don't turn out looking like that pinned photo of a girl who has long blonde hair when yours is dark and short. Also know that vivid colors like this fade. Mine stayed vibrant for a week and has faded dramatically in three weeks. My stylist recommended going more saturated so you could enjoy the fun for a little longer.


We need to talk.

Before anything happens. Talk about it. Your stylist needs to know your expectations. You can discuss the photos you like and how that can be applied to your hair. Ask about the process. Ask about the products. Ask about the care. Talk about the history of your hair. Does it have color on it? Is it virgin hair? Talk about what happens when the color fades. I chose purple because the fading process was pretty. Some colors fade to a greenish hue. So if you are low maintenance like me consider this.


Here, hold my beer.


The condition of your hair will determine the measures you need to take. Sometimes that is just hard to predict until a color specialist gets their gloved hands on your locks. Our stylist referred to it as a “science experiment” in the most artistic way. Biggest takeaway here is, don't doubt your stylist if they can't tell you exactly how things will unfold. Be patient and communicate. 

Lighten up.


To apply vivid colors, step one is to lighten. Obviously, if you are blonde this step is easier. When you have dark hair like mine, it's another story. We actually lightened mine in one setting, but it did take about three hours. (I have an intense amount of hair.) We did an ombre, plus it was already lightened a bit so this helped with our processing. My stylist recommends sometimes three settings to achieve your desired outcome. “Every chemical process is going to damage the hair, so you have to make sure the least amount of damage is done comparable to the outcome.”


In Living Color.

Now it's time for the real deal. This was the second round for me. The color goes on, and on, and on. This is an easy step, but let me warn you. Be PREPARED. You have to give yourself a pep talk. When you see those locks drop out of the towel, you might want to pass out. Even if you really want this trend, it's still a shock when your hair is a vibrant color. Wait until your stylist gets you dried and styled before you make your mind up. Also, be sure to talk about care products. If you want to get the most from your color, discuss toning shampoos, frequency of washing, and styling. And do not freak out when you see all that color in your shower during your first wash.



This process was made so much easier by going to Fusion Spa and Boutique. And the result was awesome. I will definitely do this again. Now I'm just trying to decide what color will be next!