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Some of our first memories of “spring cleaning” may be from Full House when our favorite TV dad went all extra about spring cleaning. Do you remember how he cleaned even the cleaners?! Despite how over the top that may seem now (or not if you're a Danny Tanner clean freak), there is something about this time of year that gets us all hyped about opening those windows, letting our space breath, pulling out old clothes of our closets, wiping down crooks and crannies, and yes...maybe even cleaning our cleaners. Whether it's innate or learned, there's a desire there to freshen our living areas and even our life. But what about our bodies? Can you spring clean your body? We talked to some experts and here are their recommendations on spring cleaning.


Kay Corpus MD, Yoga Loft Ky


Kay recommends the following for inner spring cleaning. We often only think of detoxing the body, but the mind and heart are part of that body. The dialogue in our mind is directly connected to our health. Here’s Kay’s tips on cleaning your inner self.

1. Forgiveness

2. Redefine health and healing-not perfection but a day to day continuous phenomenon

3. Learn to stay in present time

4. Celebrate your life


Jordan Fink, Adele's Naturally

Photo by Analee Sanchez Photography  

Photo by Analee Sanchez Photography  

Adele’s is stocked full of supplements that will help rid your body of toxins, help it repair, and reset. Here are his product recommendations that you can find at Adele’s Naturally.

1. Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse is a two-part comprehensive colon cleanse kit that works with the body's own internal detoxification systems to cleanse and detoxify through the digestive tract.

2. Buddha Zenergy Blend is an organic herbal tea blend made with green tea and adaptogenic herbs to leave you feeling energized and stress free.

3. Organic India Tulsi Cleanse is made with a base of Holy Basil for stress management blended with with other herbs to support healthy cleansing of the liver and kidneys.


Fresh by. Gene's

Photo courtesy of Gene's  

Photo courtesy of Gene's  

This is definitely not your typical food truck. You won't find frozen to fried junk. Gene’s Health Food serves up nothing but the best of what you need to help spring clean your diet from their food mobile. Here are some of the food and ideas and finds we think are on point.

1. Eat Fresh. Duh?! It's all in the name. But we have to point out that fresh food can be good and fun and does soooo much more for your body.

2. Try removing something from your diet. There are so many foods that we hear people remove from their diet to see if their body is reacting poorly to it. It could be dairy, gluten, and even meat. Meatless Monday's from Gene’s make it look really easy to chuck the beef. Make sure you’re consulting with a professional before you go all no’sies.

3. Eat tacos. What? Ok, so this doesn't seem like a good spring cleaning tip, but it is. This is NOT like that taco fad diet going around. Gene’s has a secret super power…making incredibly fresh and delicious tacos. Tacos that have fish and fresh veggies and wonderful flavor or even uprooted vegan tacos shown below! Chances are we aren't going to pass up tacos, so make them fresh and healthy! 

Photo courtesy of Gene's  

Photo courtesy of Gene's  

Everyone’s need for spring cleaning is different. But all of these tips look at the body as a whole...what we tell it, what we feed it, and what we do to repair it. Head to anyone of these professionals to try out their recommendations!