Seek. Wander. Find. // A note from the Editor // Discovery Issue

“I tried to run it away

Thought then my head be feeling clearer

I traveled 70 states

Thought movin’ round make me feel better…”

-Solange, Cranes in the Sky

We all SEEK something. Whether it be peace of mind, love, more money, the list is endless. Most of us believe we have to search outside of ourselves to find what we're looking for.


So we WANDER...sometimes to different states, countries, or in the arms of a different lover. I've wandered all over the place in hopes that I'll find whatever it is my soul needs to find. I'm currently writing this from Tampa, FL, where the scenery is a feast for the eyes, and all the different cultures are feeding my curiosity for fresh and exciting knowledge.


I also found something else I was supposed to discover. It is the most cliche thing ever...everything you've ever needed, you can FIND inside of you.


You can see that throughout this issue of Love IT! EVV. Every page is filled with people who have taken off their “training wheels”. They've broken free from the crutch of someone else's approval, or the idea of thinking they couldn't do the very thing they love in their home town, or even the fear that they could rock shit out on their own elsewhere. I am so proud of every single person who has contributed to this issue and has ultimately contributed to discovering more of who they are.