5 Reasons the Library Should Be Your Next Date Night // EVPL // Love IT! EVV



It's the month of love, and we are still vibing our Kiss & Be Married issue. You can say romance is still in the air around here. We may have the warm fuzzies, BUT those of you that are dating or married may be over it. Dating at any point in your relationship can be exhausting mentally and even financially. Couples are always looking for fun and creative ways to woo each other outside of the normal date night. Sure dinner and a movie is great, but what if we said a trip to your local library should be your next date? Here's our reasons why those rows of books might be just the right amount of hot for your love life.



1. Books are sexy. No, we aren't talking about romance novels sexy...literally the books, all the books, just the presence of books. Maybe it's been engrained in us from childhood, but think of all the romantics from our favorite movies. Gazing at each other across those large library tables. Catching glances through the shelves or even touching hands as you both reach for the same book. Some of our favorite movies mix romance and libraries...Breakfast at Tiffany's...heck, even Beauty and the Beast flames romance by book. Getting lost in those rows of books adds some mystery and excitement to your date night.

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Film, 1961

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Film, 1961

2. Shhhhh. Sometimes date conversation can be awkward or lacking which is why we like to go the movies. You don't have to talk. We know the golden rule in the library is to be quiet, and the atmosphere sets the mood for this. It takes the pressure off of being chatty. There is plenty of talking inspirations like books, architecture, history, but if you just want to be quiet, you can. No awkward silences! You can even read to one another. Plus, isn't whispering so much hotter?


3. Swap books not spit. So many think that the first kiss or second kiss tells you all you need to know about chemistry. Can a book selection tell you the same thing? Sharing a "must read" with each other might give your more insight into the other person than that slobbery kiss. It tells you what they are passionate about, what their experiences might be, and certainly what their intellectual interests are. Can you see yourself sharing these things with each other? If anything, it adds curiosity and intrigue to the table. It might just leave you wanting to know more about that person.


4. It's not just books. Libraries have much more to offer. EVPL, our local library, has great events. You can listen to live music, meet engaging artists and speakers and even ice skate. This past Christmas, there was a synthetic ice rink set up outside on the lawn off of Franklin Street. Think of all the "I love you's" and first kisses that happen on those wobbly skates. Just practice your cute fall before. Libraries are often the hub of community events. Check out the events calendar to get the most out of your library date.


5. Lastly, it is cheap. No we don't want no scrub. However, dating can get expensive. Fun free date ideas are sometimes the most romantic. We try a little harder when we aren't flashing that cash around. It's thoughtful and shows creativity. And we know we need someone who knows how to keep that spark.


You may or may not be looking to fall in love, but the library certainly has some interesting ideas to help you along the way to romance. Plan your next day date or even evening date at your local library. EVPL has multiple locations across the Evansville area. Get yourself a library card, pack a dinner for two, and romance the heck out of those books.