Launch Party Looks // Love IT! EVV // Balance Issue

Every quarter we get the same VIP question...what should I wear to the launch party? So guess what?...we are finally addressing this BEFORE anyone asks. We took a trip to our favorite boutique, Apricot Lane, to get some style inspo. We also snagged some hair inspo from Issue 13 by Fusion Spa.


The first thing you ALWAYS want to consider before selecting an outfit is Venue. Indoor vs Outdoor? Day or night? Formal or informal? We always suggest that you wear what makes you feel good, but typically we consider our events to lend themselves to being trendy and fashion adventurous. Ok, what does that mean? It means this is your chance to wear those fashion forward pieces that have been hiding in your closet but are high in your heart. Add a little more umpf to your date night attire and go with it. Wear the hats, the shoes, the unpractical!

Here are the options we chose for some style inspo, and don't worry none of us are wearing these if you want to snag them yourself!

The crop…

We see it everywhere, and we ALL secretly love it. The crop top is a misunderstood fashion style. People actually think it's only for those who have a certain body type. We call bull. Our founding editor, Kana Brown has touted numerous times that she will never NOT wear a crop. Even if you're curvy, crop it up ladies. If you only want a little skin showing, find a high waisted skirt or pant. But if there was ever a time a crop would be more acceptable, it would be for this launch. We picked a matching faux suede crop and high waisted skirt from Apricot Lane.



The sequin…

Sequins are something we all were introduced to at a young age. Sequins have a love hate relationship with many. They have had their fair share of low points...Halloween costumes, dance recital costumes...But boy have they had their high times as well. Sequins have never not been in style, and they are always party appropriate. Take this sequin slip dress from Apricot and little flashy.



The sleeve…

The ruffle bell sleeve is trending so hard right now, and we aren't even mad about it. It's the more stylish version of the mullet, business in the shirt, party in the sleeves. It's these fun and trendy details that are sooo Love IT!. Pair it with a simple skinny and some great booties, and you will turn heads. Period.



The hair…

The best part about hair these days is that there are sooo many hair tutorials out there to get us through. You can even look back at our past issues for different tutorials. We recommend these two created by Fusion Spa and Boutique for our new issue. The tousled curl and the twisted pony! Do something different than what you are used to. If you normally wear it down, wear it up and vice versa. If you're really on edge about it, make an appointment NOW with Fusion to let someone else do it. #treatyoself is totally Love IT! appropriate.






Start thinking now about what you are going to wear! Be sure to follow us on Instagram as we will be sharing more launch party prep in the coming weeks!


Apricot Lane Photos by Analee Sanchez Photography. Hair Photos sourced from Fusion Spa and Boutique.