Get Lost with Enjole' // Issue 13 Launch Party Location // Love IT! EVV

We are wrapped up in the creation of our next issue, Balance, launching April 13! We've been so excited about working with the local businesses highlighted in this next issue. They all bring something so cool to the table. Enjole' Interiors, they actually bring the table...literally...and the couch and lamp and pillows and art...

Have you SEEN this place? When we toured the downtown studio, we fell in love with the space. Not necessarily because it's a killer historic building, but because it is filled with pretty things, multiple floors of pretty things. We have to feel really connected with a space for us to create the mood of our issue. Location is everything, and Enjole’ gave us everything.

We knew immediately we wanted our shoot and launch party to kill it between these walls (exposed brick walls!!!!). You can literally get lost in there. We did...a couple of times. The textures, the colors, the decor possibilities gave us all the feels. It's not a showroom, but a working piece of art constantly changing and shifting.



To get you pumped about the launch of our Spring issue, we want to share pics of our fav spots in Enjole’! We can't wait to party here for the Spring launch. A little behind the scenes love from our picture day should get you pumped for April 13! 

1. The entry. First impressions are everything. By the time your hand hits the door handle, you know you're in for it, all of it.



2. The counter. Obsessed with this huge light display. It's such a cool focal point of the large space. Your eyes can go in any direction and find something beautiful. 



3. The nook beneath the stairs. The perfect amount of exposed brick and comfy couch was a win win for us. It was the perfect chill and read space. We call dibs on the couch at the launch! 



4. The hall on the second floor. The book cases and the wood paneling gave off such a cool retro vibe. We loved how the lighting created that mysterious mood. 



5. The rug room. It's not really a room, it's a space. But we feel like Princess Jasmine sitting on these beauties. We couldn't just choose one for our shots, so we didn't. 



6. Secret gallery. Decor is coming in and out all the time here. You never know what you'll find. We found this beauty hanging on the wall. We had to stop and admire it, and Kana’s hair was on point. Bonus.


7. Our very last and favorite spot was right in front of this piece. There are no words for this piece only the sound of rapid heart beats. Yes, it does glitter. 


This spot was a dream location for this issue. We can't wait to share the Balance issue featuring Enjole’s beautiful studio. Join us at the next launch party and see the space for yourself. You can get lost in the beauty of the space by getting lost in the nooks and crannies of the space. You can find us by the Coco Chanel painting. We will be drooling some more. 

Pre-order your tickets now at!  


Photo by Megan Vinson 

Video by Brandon Gabriel of Moments Remembered