Fake It 'til You Make It // Adele's Naturally // Love IT! EVV

Photo by Johnna Nedreberg from Issue 11

Photo by Johnna Nedreberg from Issue 11


We are heading into the weekend, and weekend plans are already underway. The weather is warmer, the nights are getting longer. There's a lot more fun to be had over those two days and three nights. BUT, we've all had our plans ruined by things in and out of our control. The long work week can leave us exhausted. Fridays are perfect for catching that nasty cold that's been passed around all week. Even our own choice to partake in excess can leave us depleted and unable to enjoy our time off. We teamed up with Jordan Fink from Adele’s Naturally to give us some quick and dirty tips on how to “Fake It ‘til You Make It!” These remedies will help you quickly get to a state that you can keep your weekend plans without feeling like complete crud.






1.    Grease the groove. Enjoy a spoonful of olive oil or coconut oil before a night of drinking. The fat can make the alcohol absorption take longer, meaning feeling better in the morning.

2.    Mix a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt in 6-8 oz of water and drink. The pink Himalayan salt has not been bleached and still has electrolytes and trace minerals present. These will help rehydrate and replenish.

3.    Apple Cider Vinegar. Drink down 1-2 tablespoons of good old Apple Cider Vinegar (with “the Mother”). This will help alkalize and replenish potassium.

4.    Ginger capsules, soda, crystallized, or tea. Ginger is the natural go-to for anything nausea related.




1.    Garlic, lemon, and honey. Crush a clove of garlic, mix with lemon juice and honey, and drink down. This is particularly good for a cold with a sore throat.

2.    Apple Cider Vinegar. Again. ACV is the most powerful alkalizing agent. Get the body’s pH back in balance and see how good you feel! ACV can be mixed with honey to ease the taste.

3.    Echinacea. Echinacea has long been used to boost the immune system and has shortened the duration of countless colds.




1.    Adrenal Support. If you are exhausted, you can bet your adrenal gland is exhausted. The little gland that secretes our energy and stress hormones often gets overworked. Give it a little bit of supports with adaptogenic herbs like Holy Basil, Rhodiola, Ginseng, and Maca. Although recovering the adrenal gland can be a long term process, most will feel a significant benefit in their energy and stress levels in just a few days of using adaptogens.

2.    B-Complex. Many of us know B-12 as the energy vitamin, but the B vitamins work synergistically. Don’t let them go alone! Grab a complete B-Complex and notice your energy levels increase.

3.    Apple Cider Vinegar. I think there is a theme here with ACV. It is touted as a great energy boost. Try a tablespoon 3 times per day.

Whatever it is that's stopping you from killin' your weekend, try some of these remedies to help you recover fast! Stop by Adelle's Naturally and ask for Jordan. He can help you find the right product mix to keep on hand.  


Special thanks to Jordan Fink for writing the tips! Also, special thanks to Photographer, Megan Vinson for her beautiful images from Issue 12 and 13.