Coffee Crush // National Coffee Day


The most important resource to the human body is water. So water with a little saturation of coffee is the next best thing to our survival. We've pumped out many of mags in the cozy coffee shops in the Ville. We even start every photo shoot with a coffee run. Because truly, our inspiration stems from that little bean. So naturally on National Coffee Day, we are going to sing the praises of the coffee shops that have been instrumental to the creation of this publication.

1. White Swan Coffee Lab

David and Kendra make the top of our list because not only have they supported us laying astray on their vintage couch, but you'll often find them at our launch parties serving it up hot and one time even cold!!

Fav Drink-Iced Blackberry Bond Brevé.



2. Honey Moon Coffee Co

Zac does everything up right. This shop is a creative's hub for gettin' it done. The vibe is jammin', and the food is killer. We go here for the waffles as much as we do the coffee.

Fav Drink - Purple Ace Latte


3. Proper Coffee Roasters

Listen Linda. If you haven't rested your coffee deprived body into this gem, you haven't lived. Not only is the decor the, the coffee is too. And we're gonna be real honest. We pretty much hang here cause if you catch the cookies right out of the oven, your life will be made. Salted caramel pretzel cookie? Um...yes.

Fav Drink-Coffee Cidar Soda



4. Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Another winner for your belly cravings. Yes, the coffee is wonderful. But even more so is the food. The veggie burger is the winner in our hearts. But...back to coffee. Penny Lane is a staple in our neighborhood, and they always serve it up right.

Fav Drink- White Rabbit



5. StaC Art Gallery

What is better than an art Gallery? An art gallery with a coffee shop in it. This is a hidden gem in the Haynie's Corner District. The atmosphere is the most, and when you pair that with a coffee made with love, you CANNOT go wrong. StaC was our last launch party locale, so we are a little partial.

Fav Drink- Caramel StaCHiato


Take a few days and coffee hop to our favs and try our drinks of choice. Be sure to tell them Love It! sent you. We need all the coffee karma we can get.