BTS // Don't Lose Your Fire


We could have not chosen a better theme to live out this issue. We started out planning that this was going to be the most inspiring issue ever, for us especially. To say that it has not been the easiest is an understatement. We literally hit walls around every corner, even at our final shoot. We actually lost our fire. No, really, the fireplace broke, and we had no fire. Exhausted, frustrated, and uninspired, we have trudged through. Then one day our Editor in Chief posted a thank you to those women who have been on fire in their career and community. She said, "Sometimes you do need to turn to other people in the world and say can I please witness your fire...can I sit by your fire and admire the flames until (my inner work is done) and inspiration sparks my fire again?"

And then it really hit. This issue hasn't been for us. It's been for these women. So as much as this is a behind the scenes blog, this is a literal shout out to the women whose fire has burned so bright, bright enough to light us up too.  From new faces to inspiring models to a tribe that slays, we couldn't have done it. We just couldn't have. Here's to you! 


New Blood

Hanged Man Collective + House of Bluez + Plum Portraits

This power house was on point. By far the easiest shoot we've done. It gave us hope that there were other creatives to carry us through. Rachel was prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. Eileen brought all the new energy that we needed. Her excitement reminded us why we do this. And the expertise of Jodi was magical. She fit models with the perfect jeans without even seeing them. This flawless experience gave us the rest we needed. 

Photo by Plum Portraits  

Photo by Plum Portraits  

Photo by Plum Portraits  

Photo by Plum Portraits  



This was our first shoot with this crew. They were so welcoming and excited. It was like being home at this shoot. We ate, drank wine, and lounged around in this beautiful bar. Karen has such an energy about her. It was so meaningful to see a passionate entrepreneur. It reminded us that passion is hard work. 




These two. They just brought it. They climbed, they trekked, they laid, they contorted, and they didn't even question it. Their confidence was unmatched. Strong, beautiful curvy beauties showing women and us that the fire in their souls was roaring. Casey and Kelsie you rock our world. Your impression on our hearts is lasting.



Leading Ladies

These women. They are the heartbeat of the issue. They were encouraging us, inspiring us, supporting us, and we are forever grateful for their energy and efforts. They brought the vibe to the shoot, and we know that they are hungry to pass on their fire. We feel a kindling strong with this group. We can't wait to see what they bring to the community. 



Our struggle in this issue is all for a reason. We can't spread the fire if we don't know how it can be dampened. We have to rely on the burning of others to ignite our own. Like sparks that jump into our souls, we have caught on fire for these women. There are so many more people in this issue that we want to talk about, but we can't spoil the whole thing. 

This issue is more to us than pretty and inspiring, it's gut wrenching important. And we want to share it with you. Join us October 19 for the launch of “Don't Lose Your Fire”.