Be a Poser // Wonder Woman + Yoga Loft KY

Be a poser. Yes, be a poser. We're not saying be a fake, but really strike a pose. It's a little vogue, but we are loving this daily activity. The body is a beautiful thing, and it is a source of strength when we use it for good and not evil. We're going to teach you to be Wonder Woman in your mind and body. She's balanced, confident, and feminine, and you can physically see it in her pose.

Get your cape on lovers because we are going to kick those evil destructive postures to the curb. There's no doubt that the balance of your physical self pours into the balance of your mind and heart. Allowing your mind to think negatively about your body results in slumped figures, shrugged shoulders, and dropped heads. Changing our mindset is a lifetime battle. So let's reverse this, let's be a poser. Even if our mind is saying one thing, our bodies are going to say another. Strong centered bodies feed empowerment. Kay Corpus MD explains balance like this…

“Balancing postures involve working the energy lines called vayus. To have balance, there needs to be equal rooting down into the earth (feet), lifting up to the sky (arms/crown of the head), expanding out from the core, drawing into the core and finally expressing upward and outward. If all of these planes are equally exerted, one can balance as well as feel buoyant, radiant, and blissful.”

Our bodies hold so much energy and connection. If we practice the following poses, we can sway the mind. After all, if you are about to fight for your life, you certainly aren't going to shuffle your feet all humped over. You're going to be Wonder Woman.

Be a dancer. Who is more balanced than a dancer? This yoga pose will have you feeling not only like a bad mama jama, but pretty darn flexible too. Dr. Kay Corpus recommends this pose to work on your balance. Watch out Misty Copeland, we got some posing to do.


Be a tree. Trees are so indicative of balance. Limbs to the sky, roots in the ground, equally connecting to air and dirt. There is so much strength in a tree. Be a tree, and try this yoga pose recommended by Dr. Kay Corpus.


Be a hero. The most noticeably powerful pose you probably can do is the iconic Wonder Woman pose. Legs spread, hands on hips, and straight forward. This pose is strong, confident, and shows no mercy. This pose became even more iconic when Harvard sociologist, Amy Cuddy used it in her discussion of body poses and confidence. This is your “I'm ready to slay” pose. Do this every morning before you leave the house.


Photo by Simply Savvy Photographer

Photo by Simply Savvy Photographer

You must try these three poses now, and tell us if you notice a difference in your body and mind. Also, practice makes perfect. Balance isn't gained overnight, but confidence can be felt instantly. Head to Yoga Loft KY to really learn and practice the strength of your body. Now, go use your power for good.