A Little Love // A look into Kiss and Be Married // Issue 12

Love IT! EVV Magazine aims to be so much more than a magazine. We want to be at the very center of connection in our city. A hub for creativity and curiosity. Most importantly we want to plant the seed of authenticity.  We and invite you to join us on this journey of curating a more enlightened Evansville through love!

Issue 12, launching January 26, 2016, will be the second installment of our bridal series.

With our dedication to making each issue full of timeless information and valuable touching stories we have put our own twist on the typical bridal magazine by spanning the years in the issues. Our first bridal issue was entitled "He Put A Ring on It!" and was all about engagement. Appropriately followed this year by this new issue uncovering truths for the first 3 years of marriage. We want to be a part of your life for years to come! In addition to a styled shoot to spark inspiration and real brides you can relate to, there will be raw and completely honest answers from couples on what co existing in the first three years of marriage is really like.

Notes From the Editor in Chief:

Kiss and Be Married was cooked up in my brain after having so many questions myself on what really happens after people get married. The typical bridal magazines give you very face value information on what really happens...that day, the next day or for years to come. I mean how do you live a whole life and then just consolidate it with one person? As a single woman, I really want to know what I'll be getting my self into! These are the type of things I needed to know. Our community was ready to answer!

My BIG aha moments I've learned from Kiss & Be Married...

It's not ALWAYS a celebration. While the wedding can be a dream come true, becoming one with a person takes some figuring out. While we are lead to believe everything is rainbows and roses, you have to have rain to get to both of those things. There's nothing wrong with that, it's life. In my personal life this made me realize that every beautiful moment may take some challenges to get there (like this magazine), but the outcome usually surpasses your wildest dreams.

You have to say I DO every single day! Those first couple are exciting. But love is so much more. Love for your husband, love for your friends...love for yourself, even. It takes saying "I DO" or I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I continue to show my commitment to whatever it is.

I think Kiss & Be Married is not only a great issue to learn about marriage, but also the deeper lesson on commitment. 


More on the launch..

I hope you all will join us in celebrating another triumph for truth! This launch party is just that. I love that this magazine is a true collaboration of people in our city & surrounding areas. This issue will be a timeless installment on our adventure to capture the city in all it's authentic glory.