3 Honeymoon MUST Haves // Kiss & Be Married // Love IT! EVV Magazine


An ode to our bridal issue that just launched...we decided to cover a VIT, very important topic...the honeymoon. After all, the honeymoon is like an epic somewhat irresponsible party. You drink a lot and stay half naked most of the time. Right? You may not put a lot of thought into packing, especially if you think you're going to be locked up in a room with your love bug, but let's be honest...you have to come up for air. Dinner, sight seeing, and even lazing around require some thoughtful attire. You want to approach this like you're a contestant on The Bachelor. Those girls are alway on point. With the help of Apricot Lane, we put together your go to packing guide to make sure that you're covered...well most of the time.

1. "Don't you want to wake up to this everyday" look. Ok, so maybe we put a little more effort into our appearance at the beginning of our relationship. You're married now, but that doesn't mean you can't totally rock "I woke up like this" look. Most likely, your spouse doesn't care. You probably could be wearing a trash bag, and they would still want to jump you. But the sexier we feel about ourselves, the sexier we feel with our spouse, and that ladies translates to those sheets. Full on lingerie is a great choice, but not always realistic when you don't have time to plan. In comes the lace bralette...it's comfortable, pairs great with almost everything, and it's gotta a wow factor when the top comes off. It may just be a fancy sports bra, but you need one like yesterday. Apricot Lane has a variety of styles and colors to suit just about any outfit. It also looks quite sexy laying on the floor.


2.    "It's our one on one" look. Honeymoons may have a lot of activity in and out of the bedroom. The activity out of the bedroom usually includes sight seeing which means you're either walking, riding in public transportation, or renting something. You need something that says, "I'm fun, adventurous, and darn cute, let's do life together". Our choice for a day out is a pair of moto leggings and a fun graphic tee. The leggings are comfortable, and you don't have to worry about pulling them out of your crotch every time you get out of a vehicle like you do shorts. Because that's just not cute. Here honey, hold my bag, I have to find my shorts somewhere up there. Leggings and a tee are effortless. The tee is comfy, dries easy in the sun, and usually doesn't wrinkle.



    3.    "Rose Ceremony" look. At least once during your honeymoon, you're going to have that Pretty Woman moment. Not the one in the bathtub, well you may have that one too. But we're talking about the one where you enter the dining room, and everyone stops.  You've already got that honeymoon glow, just add a dress that makes you feel it on the inside. (Not even going there. Stop.) But seriously, you know what turns heads? Confidence. Pick a hot dress that makes you feel amazing. And rock it. Your spouse will feel that energy, and there's nothing more attractive to most than a confident woman. We picked a beautiful gold slip dress. It's elegant, shows just enough skin, and is easy to accessorize. Apricot Lane gave us way too many options on this one. Their dresses are heart stopping for fashion addicts.


All of these looks can work for any destination locale. These tips translate for any love getaway. Throw in some comfy sweaters, light jackets, a few hats, your trusty jeans and you are good to go. Check out Apricot Lane in Evansville for more packing inspiration. They have the greatest stylists waiting to help you find the perfect outfits.