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I don't know how normal it is to have the life that I live.

At about 23, a year after obtaining my esthetics license, I was at my wits end working for someone else and not being able to control the environment I wanted for my clients. On blind faith, I was able to find a home for my independent spirit and The Beauty Room with the help of friends. It was a struggle. Going out on your own with no previous experience on managing things was and still is scary. Not only has my business grown, but I have grown so much since that fateful time I found Sixth Street Soapery as an incubator homeEvery ounce of the struggle was worth it.

A year later I wasn't happy with how the creative side of Evansville was being showcased. I was writing locally all the while meeting such amazing people. What was out there wasn't pretty enough, it didn't have enough heart. So I took another blind leap and  birthed this little gem you see here, Love IT! EVV Magazine. 

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I came across this quote "exist on your own terms" and it sums up my journey thus far in my 27 years of life and fit perfectly for wrapping up the themes for Volume 3 of Love IT! EVV Magazine. For me personally, I am sure you see a recurring theme. It means to have blind faith and to trust your gut. To not just CREATE (in your mind)  but to DO all of the things that YOU want to do no matter what cards are stacked against you. I've said NO to wearing bras, to working for anyone else, to eating meat, to being a "typical makeup artist" by spreading the message of natural beauty and who knows what else in another 27 years. To exist on your own terms is the very definition of honoring your most authentic self when society is begging you to conform.

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