Listen to Your Mother 2016 // Love IT! EVV Magazine

Kate McKinney one of our favorite writers is bringing LTYM to Evansville today she guest blogs to tell us what Listen to Your Mother is all about!

Everybody on this earth was grown in a womb.

We all started, one way or another, within a woman. In all of our scientific advancements, we have not figured out a way to make this part of life obsolete. And despite us all having this singular beginning, the story of motherhood casts a wide net. Every person on this earth has a story about motherhood, and none are remotely the same. 


That’s what the The Listen To Your Mother Show is all about.

Stories. Stories about motherhood. About one’s own journey into the fray. Stories about your own mother. Stories about the obstacles to becoming a mother, or the choice to not be one. Listen to Your Mother is an international show, performed in 41 cities across the United States and Canada. It is 100% original from start to finish every year, in every city. Started by Ann Imig in Madison, Wisconsin, LTYM is now its 6th year, and my friend Hillary Melchiors and I are so excited to bring it back to Evansville for the second time! 

I love directing Evansville’s Listen to Your Mother Show because, for me, it solidifies three of my biggest passions into one project. Motherhood, Writing, and Performance. I love having a chance to tell my stories, and giving others the same opportunity. This Saturday night at 7 PM we bring 13 fresh new tales of Motherhood to you. Fresh new voices with their own perspectives. A diverse cast includings mothers and non-mothers, gay and straight, green and seasoned, male and female. 

We hope you’ll join us. Bring your mother. Bring your friends. Bring yourself! We all came from the same place. Let’s pay it homage. 

WHAT // Listen to Your Mother Show
WHEN // Saturday, May 7, 7:00 PM
WHERE // AIS Diamond Auditorium (Old North High School)

Tickets $15 in Advance, $20 at the door //