3 Tips For Your Next Bra Buying Trip // Love IT! EVV Magazine


When beyonce said get in formation

She may have been be referring to our undergarments. A woman can pull off any outfit when she's got her "girls" right where they are supposed to be. Creating the perfect form begins with wearing the correct size bra. We talked to Erica Deters at our local Dillard's to give some tips on what to look for during your next bra excursion.  


1.Be fit

Once a year, if not more, your body changes. Even if your weight doesn't change your body will. Getting a fitting each year assures you are in the right size for your current shape. Don't get hung up on cup size.  The only person who know it is you.  Your clothes will look better, and you will look thinner with the RIGHT bra size.

2. Get Proper

With the proper size you want your band to be snug.  When you put your arms above your head your bra should not move.  Your bra should tack in the center and the wire should be behind your breast mass.  A lot of people think they are a 36 C. The average fit in the Tri- State area is a 34 or 36 DD.  DD is not as big as you think it is. When you have the right size bra on you will get the lift, and separation that you want.  No one needs to have the girls exploding from you bra and that is avoided with the proper cup size.

2. Rotation

 You need more than one bra in your rotation. Three is a good number to start with, if you like to shop well, there is no maximum. Wash one, wear one, have one as a spare. This will keep your bras from wearing out quickly. Never wear your bra more than a day. Wear it, give it a day to rest, then you can wear it again.  Do not wear it more than 2 times before washing it.  This will help your bras last longer.

Always tell your fitter what you are looking for in your bra. Different bras will do different things. If someone just hands you a bra and doesn't see you in it they are SELLING you a bra not FITTING you.

Have any additional tips? Drop them in the comments below!