Magic in the City//Issue 11 Launch Party//Love IT! Evv Magazine

It was a night of shoulders brushing as people gathered into the old carriage house of Semper Fulgens. It was a comfortable closeness because we were full of love and joy for the new issue and those that had worked so hard. The air was warm with laughter, and the lights strung above made everyone a little softer in tone. Watch our exclusive video below to see what an incredible night it was. 

Love IT! EVV Leading Ladies Launch Party 2016 Semper Fulgens

It was truly a scene mashed of sexiness and whimsy. Think Harry Potter meets Sex in the City. We took turns shifting through to the Spiced Cider Bar greeting friends and making new ones along the way. Friendly servers from Wired happily filled our cups to the brim as we anxiously flipped through the new issue gawking at the beautiful layout. People pulled each other close exchanging who, what, where’s, and continued to mingle as if to not let one stone upturned.

Kana, Editor in Chief aka Brain Child, gave a heart felt speech about the issue and the wonderful Leading Ladies. Applause and congrats poured out into the night sky. The Leading Ladies and all contributors were glowing with pride and gratefulness. There were even sparklers on a magically decorated cake by Piece of Cake! The Leading Ladies gathered around it, and together they put out the sparking candles. It was absolutely a night of celebration with people connecting through a common medium, Love IT! EVV.

The mood transitioned as CarLarans opened that beautiful voice to the crowd. His presence was so igniting in that rustic carriage house. People danced and swayed to his music while others moved to quieter areas to continue their chatter over the new issue while still relishing in the musical brilliance in the air.  He was on point.  CarLarans has such a presence, and his talent is off the charts. Check out his newest album here.  

Love IT! EVV Leading Ladies Launch Party Carlarans

Cheeks were a little flushed, laughter was a little louder, and the fun was really just starting as people moved to another local venue to continue the celebration. The coolness of the night set in, and people hugged their new friends, tightly secured their issue of Love IT! EVV into their arms, and happily trickled from the carriage house. Each person left with a new inspiration, a new connection, and a new passion for Love IT! EVV. The energy was awe inspiring and extremely contagious, but the issue, it was the peak of the entire evening.

Love IT! EVV Launch Party | Leading Ladies 2016

Launch Party Exclusive!!! See more of this magical night here in this amazing video created by Brandon Gabriel Films!