Holiday Memories//Leading Ladies 2016

Our Leading Ladies get open and honest in this blog.  The older we get, the more we relish in memories of our favorite times.  The Holiday season is no exception.  Since we are getting prepped for the season, why not get in the spirit by sharing some of those memories? Our Leading Ladies have done just that.  PICS included!!!

Kensington Eck

December 29th, 2010.  My boyfriend (let's call him B) and I go to Florida to visit my father and his family.  B wants to make a day-trip to Disney.  I've never been, and I wasn't super interested in going.  He finally convinced me, so we bought tickets to go for one day.

We make the 2 hour drive north from my dad's place to Orlando @ 5 am so we can be there when the park opens.  We get up to the ticket counter and realize that I left the tickets at my dad's house.  So we re-buy tickets.  Now I'm not in a great mood, and I'm out double the ticket money.

We spend the entire day at Magic Kingdom, riding rides and watching parades in 32 degree weather.  32 DEGREES IN FLORIDA.  The longer the day goes, the more exhausted I get, but B doesn't want to leave.  So we stay.  And stay.  And I'm miserable.  Don't get me wrong, the day was amazing and Disney is perfect, but my feet hurt and it was COLD!  Finally he says we can leave after the fireworks, which are at 10 pm.  

We watch the fireworks, and I'm STILL cold.  I ask him for his gloves, and he says no.  I'm in the process of turning to him to ask him why he won't give me his gloves and THERE HE IS, down on one knee.  He proposed during the Disney fireworks to his exhausted, grumpy girlfriend.  So now Disney is our thing- we got engaged there, honeymooned there, and have taken our beautiful daughter there twice on her birthdays.

2010 was one of my favorite Christmas seasons because it was the beginning of my magical life with B, and the reason I'm now a lifelong lover of The Mouse.

Leslie Morgan


My favorite holiday memory has to be the awesome family gatherings every year. On my father's side of the family we would celebrate with gifts, grandpa Santa, delicious family recipe food, music, dancing and impromptu plays and skits. On my mother's side of the family, the celebration included gifts, gourmet food, great conversation, hilarious sarcasm and board games. I always looked forward to both and never wanted the fun to end. Our holidays were, and continue to be filled with unconditional love and crazy Christmas cheer.

Robin Wright Mallery

Growing up as a Jewish child and now woman, this time of year has not held that special family time that many others experience. (don’t feel sorry for me, there are plenty of Jewish rituals that are very dear to me!) That changed when I married into my husband’s family — he is one of four brothers, so Xmas holiday, spent every year in Carson City, Nevada, is raucous and loving and fun! The favorite part is the holiday meal. Of course, I was quite involved with the Xmas eve and Xmas day meals, and as my mother-in-law slowed down, those big and special meals became mine to create. I savored that! For me, sharing food is sharing love, so in the days before Xmas, I’d bake breads and cobblers, make soup, and the dressings, then on that day, someone else would cook the turkey and gravy (I'm a vegetarian, remember!). When we all sat down together, it was such a blessing to have so much goodness and abundance. AND, we’d drink and get rowdy and have an absolute blast!


Regina Lander


This was our first Lander family vacation. These four guys made it even more special. Grand kids rule the world!!!!


Each Leading Lady’s memory has a common factor, and that is love. This season is full of chaos, but this is a reminder that what we are impressed upon the most is the lasting imprint of love. Do things that make memories, and take notice when they are happening. (AND take pics!!!) It will be something that you will carry with you for many years. The Holiday season brings a furry of excitement and even stress. Do what you can to stay grounded. Be kind to one another. Enjoy the holiday, and most importantly share love.


Love IT! EVV