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Photo Credit: George Barnett 

Photo Credit: George Barnett 



This month we feature Kassy Lauer as our Woman Crush Wednesday. She embodies the type of woman we admire. She is a fearless, progressive independent thinker and an entrepreneur that is constantly investing in our community. Not only that, she is fun and can crack an inappropriate joke at any given moment.

We asked this firecracker a few questions, her answers only solidifies why she is our Woman Crush! 

Name the top 3 women who inspire you & why?

I really spent a lot of time dwelling on this question and soul searching for an answer. It is the main reason I was late getting my answers in!!!  How could I possibly pick just three women who inspire me? Should these women be notorious individuals who have significantly altered the way I look at life? Should they have books written about them and/or hold Noble peace prizes? I mean, these chicks need to be important females, right?!  And then it hit me! Why should I struggle through the list of historical females who have in some way changed the world, when I have ladies on my ride-or-die list who have changed MY WORLD. 
Here is my list, (couldn't limit it to three) y'all know who you are:

  • My best friend who left her [asshole of a] husband, although it terrified her and then recently found the love of her life
  • My friend who went back to school to study nursing- even though she's a single mom of two
  • My gal pal who REFUSED to sell her idea, even though she was offered a healthy amount of money because she takes so much pride in her work
  • My friend who runs her own salon while taking care of her son- he even watches her cut hair when she has to pick him up from school early
  • My friend who had heart surgery this morning because the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to carry a baby otherwise
  • My dear friend who lost her child at 20 weeks and has established a not-for-profit so that mother's can have the same birth support she was blessed to have
  • My Mother who went back to school and got her Masters degree at 50 years old (Sorry about that age drop, Mom)
  • My friend who lost her son to cancer and now dedicates her life to lifting the spirits of other children fighting it
  • My soul-sister who went back into the work force after being a stay at home mom for 12 years and THEN left her job to start her own thing
  • My daughter who chooses to play with worms instead of dolls most of the time

The may not be famous, but they are real and they have made a real impact in my life. I love you ladies so much!


What is your favorite fashion staple?

Pencil skirt. Black. High waisted. Duh!

What is your favorite local business?

Would it be terrible for me to say Paparazzi? Hell no, it's not! It's awesome and it's been my bread and butter for five years! Not only has it grown with me as a professional, it was my first TRUE passion. I put everything into it and it was initially terrifying but it was one of the best life decisions I've made! 

What is your 2015 Mantra?

My good friend Kate just told me "It's not brave unless you're scared". Although I typically have nerves of steel anyway, I am going to put my all into 2015. No fear, no regrets I'm coming for you, 2015!

What's your best life advice?

Put out the energy you want to receive back. When I speak positive things in to my life, they actually happen. It's commonly known as 
the laws of attraction" and that shit ain't voodoo, it's fact! 
Name one Bucket List item you are going to achieve this year.
This year I will be thirty and I will also be in the best shape of my life. Farmer's Market and YMCA. Find me there!

Check out Kassy's labors of LOVE! 


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