Hear It! | Artist Feature | BRIMS

Jonathan Tremper, also known as BRIMS, creates music for simply for the love of it. From record sampling, to beat making, he uses music like therapy to pay tribute to his favorite artists.

“I can try to make happy music but it’s not gonna work out that way all the time,” BRIMS said. “I want it to be something you listen to during a rainstorm. You don’t wanna rage too hard.”

It’s just more abstract, he said.

Just before the new year, BRIMS released a few tracks titled, “Head Thump like Heart.” Inspired by a novel written by David Foster Wallace, “Infinite Jest,” he said the story spoke to him.

“It was a five song, noise ambient release that I handed out Dec. 27th at PG,” BRIMS said. “I only had five copies to give out.”

The Evansville native finds inspiration among more popular producers like J. Dilla and Madlib, but also within the local hip-hop community.

“First of all, my friends, Ewokie Talkie and guys like that,” BRIMS said. “Secondly, any sound I can get on my field recorder.”

During the recording process, BRIMS strays away from listening to other artists because it takes away from his creative process.

“I know subconsciously their stuff will seep in,” he said.

Starting from making house music, to focusing on lyrics, to “beat-oriented” music, he built his music archive by creating track after track. Serving as a local production night owl, BRIMS makes music exclusively at night.

“I don’t think I’ve made a track during the day, ever,” BRIMS said. “It’s better at night, and more quiet for me to do it.”

The day is real busy, but the night is real quiet, and peaceful, he said.

You won’t catch BRIMS doing many shows outside of PG, which also is a rare occurrence. Describing himself as a “hermit,” he prefers to stay behind the scenes, by making music at home and handing out releases every once in a while.

“It’s fun performing live, but I’d rather not deal with my nerves beforehand,” BRIMS said. “I’d rather let the music do it for me.”

BRIMS uses a Roland 303, a bass synthesizer, field recordings. but mostly records to find samples and create his music. Any record he can get his hands on, BRIMS finds and scours to discover the best parts to morph into his own creation.

“I get most of my records from Amoeba Records (based in Calif.) and the Book and Music Exchange like once a week,” BRIMS said. “I have voodoo records, witchcraft records, and psychedelic records,” he said.

You can check out BRIMS music on: https://soundcloud.com/brimsss