Hear It! | Artist Feature | Alex Wallwork

Alex Wallwork, an Evansville native, lives and breathes music.

Currently, he’s a part of five different music collectives like Thunder/Dreamer, Quin, Aquarian Sun and a few others.

Each band has their differences in style, from Americana rock to hardcore to more Black Sabbath-like darkness.

“I help create songs and help structure melodies,” Wallwork said. “In some instances, it’s all a combined effort.”

Just let it happen, and that’s what comes out, he said.

Wallwork and his bandmates are like puzzle pieces, they fit perfectly together. And, the puzzle isn’t complete without all the pieces.

“The dudes I play music with help me. I wouldn’t be coming up with the parts I’m coming up with if they weren’t there,” he said. “As a bass player, I follow the melody. They have the first input, so I follow them.”

The 23-year-old thrives in local music. From working full-time at Guitar Center, to playing music all over town, Wallwork makes music surround his entire life.

“I play quite a few different instruments,” Wallwork said.

Primarily a bass and guitar player, Wallwork also taught himself to play ukulele and banjo.

“If anything, I’ve mastered bass guitar but I also play the upright bass,” Wallwork said. “My spectrum is full stack, noise rock craziness to acoustic folk.”

Wallwork began his music career in grade school by playing bells at First Presbyterian Church in Evansville.

“It was the first time I ever got chills playing music,” he said. “After we played, the whole church stood and gave us applause.”

When playing, Wallwork loves improvisation.

“I played a bar gig at Bokeh Lounge, with a saxophone player and a drummer. I had to follow what they did.” Wallwork said. “I love making stuff up right on the spot.”

It’s a give and take thing, he said.

“I’ve had a lot of loss, heartbreak, and a lot of bullshit happen. But I’m just happy to be doing what I’m doing,” he said. “I play every show like it’s my last. It helps me lose my mind.”

Wallwork listens to a lot of different music.

“I love Bad Brains, Louis Armstrong, swing and Motown,” Wallwork. “I love the oldies. I try to incorporate it anywhere I can.”

At age 15, Wallwork saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers in concert and that moment changed his life, he said.

“That is what made me want to play rock in front of people,” he said.

Wallwork’s goal is to reach people, musically.

“If I play a show, and someone puts their phone down for a second, or forgets what’s on their mind for a second, that means the world to me,” Wallwork said.

Music is magic. It’s a way to relate to people without having to say anything, he said.

You can find Alex Wallwork (and his twin brother, James) at PG. (1418 W. Franklin St.)

Check out some of his bands: