Hear It! | Artist Feature | You Knew Me When

You Knew Me When, a folk-rock duo from Nashville, played at Bokeh Lounge this past Friday.  

Cie and Karisa Hoover, met during their freshman year of college and became married a few years after. They rented out their home, sold a lot of their belongings and decided to live life on the road. Two and a half years later, here they are.

The duo comes with diverse backgrounds in music. Cie played music in several bands throughout high school and college, and Karisa studied music with a classical background and taught music in Nashville for 6 years.

The duo started playing music together and slowly began to take performing “more and more seriously.”

Some songs are a little more influenced by my background and others are more her. It’s kind of the give and take,” Cie said. “It ended up being a fusion of both of our mindsets.”

In their large black van, the Hoovers travel from state to state performing at different venues and seeing what the towns have to offer.

“We used to tour in a four runner pulling a teardrop trailer, and we did that for fifteen months,” Karisa said. “You might say we had to like each other a lot for that.”

The teardrop trailer wasn’t equipped with certain features that may become necessary from time to time.

“For fifteen months, no AC, no heat, no bathroom, no anything,” Cie said. “(This van) has made life on the road a lot easier.”

Basically a bed on wheels, he said.

So far, You Knew Me When has traveled to 43 states and played in Canada.

“Just in December we were playing in the New England area,” Cie said. “After this we’re starting to head out west.”

Look out for a second studio album from You Knew Me When, expected to release April 2015.

“It’s going through it’s final mixing and mastering stages,” Cie said. “We even recorded a video for the first single off that album.”

The video will be released in a few weeks.

Since 2012 was the last release You Knew Me When created, they’re ready for fans to hear this new album.

“We’ve had a couple years for lots of inspiration and so we’re really excited about putting out something new,” Cie said.

Check out their music at: http://www.youknewmewhen.com/