Happy New Year | Love IT! EVV

Can you believe it?! 2015 will be here in a matter of DAYS!!

We just wanted to take this time to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that was involved in making this magazine possible. Although primarily the magazine is about fashion and beauty it goes so much deeper.

With the help of a handful of amazing people we were able to pull this magazine together with no budget. That is such a testament to our community, how willing everyone is to help when it comes to spotlighting our community. The photographers, graphic designers, writers, boutique  and business owners, models and of course YOU the readers, when passionate people come together we're unstoppable.

We cannot wait to grow with you and we are excited about our future plans for being even more involved in our vibrant city! 

To close out the year we will be celebrating at a favorite #ITPlace of ours. Everyone's favorite local neighborhood bar, Bokeh Lounge, will be having their very own balloon drop at midnight!

Love IT! EVV celebrates Bokeh Style

Get on the VIP List and join us for a celebration of a new beginning!