#ThriftStoreThursday | Love IT! Evv

Hey Lovers!

We are starting #ThriftStoreThursday in Evansville. We believe you can find fashion in very unlikely places. One of the best things about thrifting is pulling together pieces that aren't necessarily "in fashion" and making a masterpiece out of them.

So from this Thursday until all of eternity we are highlighting you & your thrift store finds! Starting off with have Cassidy P. 

"This jacket caught my eye immediately as I started browsing around Salvation Army. It was something that peaked my interest because of the vintage Versace pattern it had! It's perfect for the fall season coming up & easily paired with some cute leggings and booties. Definitely  a fun statement piece to have that gives any plain outfit that extra spunk!" 

Thrift Store Thursday Love IT! Evv

This awesome piece was found at Salvation Army off of Weinbach Ave!

If you would like your thrift store find to be featured for our #ThriftStoreThursday email us at loveitevv@gmail.com 

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