Hear It! Jam of the Week: Spandrels

Spandrels, a local collective, works to find common ground while building their image and touring.

Currently, band members include Casey Noonan, Carrick McDonald, Mandy Mac and Ross Elliott.

The group began in February 2014, with best friends Casey and Carrick, but expanded soon after.

“We just kinda played in a basement for a while,” Casey said. “Structureless, just walls of noise."

After jamming for some time, they stumbled upon a first song. After finding a “groove,” the guys were able to re-create the debut track for performing.

Their track, “Nobody Will Ever Know,” made a statement with their sound.

“We bought a lot of noise pedals, and we tried to make a lot of sounds and textures,” Carrick said.

Their first show, back in March, held at PG, made a large impression on the local fans.

After adding a new member, the band went to see a “Perfect Pussy,” show in Louisville, that changed their perspective and inspired them to expand on their members.

“It was really inspiring,” Mac said. “We all really bonded on that trip.”

The music was white hot, Casey said.

“I felt like I could do it, because they just seem like normal, soft spoken people too,” Carrick said. “But they made this tremendous racket that overwhelmed me.”

From then, they decided to “retreat back to the basement” to polish their material and add more to their repertoire.

Before joining the group as a guitarist, Mandy Mac heard Spandrels debut songs and was captivated by it. Mac and Casey met while studying at Vincennes University, and bonded over music, coffee and college loathing.

“It (the single) made me stop, look around and feel something that I hadn't experienced before,” she said. “It resonated deep within me.”

From then, Mac had to join the band.

“'I'd been waiting so long to join the band,” she said. “Like, years and years.”

In addition of Casey on lead vocals and guitar, Carrick on bass and Mandy Mac on guitar, there's the essential drum element, played by Ross Elliott.

“Ross is a perfect foil to the abstraction that's going on around him,” Casey said. “It's like a balancing act.”

Instead of racking up on recordings, the band is doing more internal exploration, musically. Described as a, “band democracy,” because every member has an equal voice.

Presently, Spandrels is working on a joint midwest tour with another local group, Stella. The cities they've planned on visiting Indianapolis, Chicago, Champagne, Nashville and other cities.

“It's time to start hitting other cities,” Casey said. “I'm confident we're doing something special, and I wanna put it in front of as many people as we can.”

After contemplating options, Casey introduced the idea of a tour. After using their connections from performing, they've booked shows. The tour starts January 21st and ends with a show at PG on the 27th.

“Overall, we want people to come away feeling a connection to us,” Casey said. “We want people to have been touched in some way, hopefully it's a positive emotion.”

Spandrels like to wear their fans out, with their music.

“We play loudly, and have minimal pallet considering the length of the song,” Carrick said. “It's our way of making the audience work for us.”

Check out Spandrels music at: http://spandrels.bandcamp.com/