Hear It! Jam of the Week: Osiella "Year in Review"

Just in time for thanksgiving, a local favorite band releases their debut album.

Osiella, a hometown and Love It! favorite, released 17-tracks of solid gold on Nov. 26. The album, titled “Year in Review,” equipped with stories from their action-packed year of shows, touring and much more.

“It was a lot of work to say the least,” said lead guitarist, Theo Akai.

Key tracks on the album include, “Trailer Park Love,” ,”Island Love,” and others. This release gives the listener a feeling of home, love and harmony. “Year in Review,” is featured online for $8.

“I’ve worked on other people’s albums but when you’re doing your own music, it’s a whole ‘nother story because you’re putting your heart out there,” Akai said. “It took dedication, it was an experience like none other.”

It was cool, he said.  

In the past year, the three piece band went on a tour across the country, showing the nation some southern Indiana goodness. With over 1100 likes on their Facebook page, this band is on the rise with the help of their Evansville roots.

Hear It! gives this album 5 stars.