Hear It! Jam of the Week: MTB

Upcoming rapper, MTB, 25, hits fans with different styles, unordinary subject matter all while staying under the radar.

MTB, also known as Monster the Beast, will be releasing three singles every Monday for two weeks, starting at the beginning of 2015. These releases will serve as a prequel to his upcoming mixtape release.

When MTB writes his rhymes, he focuses on actual events in his life instead of exaggeration.

It’s about relating to an audience, he said. 

“I talk mostly about what happens in my life and how that will correlate to anyone else,” MTB said. “Rappers are just like other guys, we’re doing nothing but telling stories of our own.”

It’s about the average man’s struggle, he said.

His former releases include a 2013 12-track mixtape and a plethora of features on other artists tracks. This release landed him in the top 20 best mixtape releases in Evansville.

“I just have to keep putting out work,” MTB said.

Among other things, MTB owns the rights to a group called Ascended Vision, something he uses to release music under. 

The Henderson native has been releasing music since he was 15, in a group with four others called, “Fame Gang.” The group would freestyle a lot, and MTB admits he’s not the best freestyle artist but mainly a writer.

“It’s not that I’m not confident, I visualize words in my mind faster than I can say it,” MTB said. “I just wanna say so much at once.”

When MTB isn’t making his own music, he collaborates with other local artists help further their releases. But mostly he stays under the radar and behind the scenes.

"So far, music is the one thing that hasn't failed me," he said. "You've gotta believe in something."