Exclusive Interview with Amy Jo Johnson!

All our childhood dreams have come to fruition people!!! I'll be careful not to use too many ALL CAPS and exclamation points in this blog, but WE ARE SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED! Fall may bring all the excitement with pumpkin spice, football and blanket scarves, but it is also bringing life to us at Love IT! Evv with the directorial debut of Amy Jo Johnson, one our fav actresses. 

Photo credit: amyjojohnson.com

Photo credit: amyjojohnson.com

You may remember Amy Jo as the first and most -bad b- Pink Power Ranger. Not only has her first hack at stardom had a lasting impression on thousands of now grown gals like myself, she's had an insanely successful career in tv, film, and even music. She has played diverse but empowering female characters including huge roles on Felicity and Flashpoint. And now this boss babe is directing films. Her most recent success is screening THIS Thursday here in Evansville, The Space Between. She is definitely our kind of girl crush.  

Photo credit: amyjojohnson.com

Photo credit: amyjojohnson.com

We had the opportunity to speak with Amy Jo ahead of the screening to get her take on the film, her career, and other fan girl questions.

Q: If you had to pick one character that you've played to actually live out in real life, who would it be (Please say Kimberly!)?

Amy: My character in Felicity was so tormented. And in flashpoint, that’s too dangerous of a career for me. Wildfire, I played kind of b*tch, but kind of sassy. I would pick Tina Sharp from Wildfire. 

Photos credit: amyjojohnson.com

Photos credit: amyjojohnson.com

Q: The Space Between is a humor filled film with heavy topics within the plot. Why was humor important to you in this film?

Amy: The movie dives into a bunch of different topics like infertility and even one of the characters is dealing with suicide...If someone can identify with the film, and then they might find the humor to ease the pain and to connect and to laugh with someone so they know they aren’t alone. Life is absurd. (much like the characters find in the film!)

Q: Who is your favorite character from the film? 

Photo credit: thespacebetweenfeaturefilm.com

Photo credit: thespacebetweenfeaturefilm.com

Amy: Mitch, the leading character, I found him incredibly endearing in following his journey of finding his baby daddy. 

Q: Without giving too much away, what is your favorite scene of the film? 

Amy: Outside the funeral home, the characters are so hysterically funny!

Photo credit: thespacebetweenfeaturefilm.com

Photo credit: thespacebetweenfeaturefilm.com

Q: Fan girl moment. If you had to pick one fashion piece from the 90's, which would it be? Scrunchy? Crop tops? or Body suit/spandex?

I can’t wear a hair scrunchy after they made fun of them in Sex in the City. And after having kids, a crop top is not in my future…I might wear it at home, though. I'd wear all three at home!

We will be talking with Amy Jo more Thursday before the screening of The Space Between, AND she might just be dropping into the pages of our next issue. We can't interview this total boss without letting her slay in our Leading Ladies Issue. Follow us as we attend the screening AND do a live interview with Amy Jo. To get you pumped, take our quiz to find out with Amy Jo character you are! Also, watch the preview of The Space Between. 


If you want to purchase tickets to the screening, head to http://www.evansvillecivictheatre.org/

Labor For Fun // 5 Tips To Labor This Weekend

If you aren't into going away for the holiday weekend, and you want to do something with an impact, check out our 5 tips for fun ways to labor this weekend.


Home repair shome repair. We often ignore the work that has to be done around the house. But it can be fun. There's nothing more refreshing than slapping a good coat of paint on that ugly wall that has been teasing you for months (mine has been for years actually). This could take you a day or so, but it's so worth the effort. It's like a weight off your shoulders. Aren't sure what color? Head over to our fav decor spot, Enjole’ for some inspo. Secret deal...Home Depot had $10 off paint this weekend.

Photo by Megan Vinson  

Photo by Megan Vinson  

Style your fall wardrobe. This is a fancy way of saying clean out your closet. Pull out those sweaters and scarves. Survey what you have, then the fun part, reward yourself. Check out Single Thread Boutique this weekend. They have their famous $10 rack AND 50% off most of the store.

Photo Credit- Single Thread Boutique  

Photo Credit- Single Thread Boutique  

Work up a sweat. Working often forgets the body these days, cramped at a desk. Show your body some attention by committing to some activity. Work out those cobwebs. Yoga Loft KY is having free classes on Monday. It's a perfect time to check it out.

Photo Credit-The Yoga Loft KY

Photo Credit-The Yoga Loft KY

Network with your neighbors. Being out and about is the perfect opportunity to make social connections and also work connections. Check out First Friday on Haynie’s Corner or the Front Porch Fest this weekend. You can mix business with pleasure and no one is judging.

Photo Credit-Front Porch Fest  

Photo Credit-Front Porch Fest  

Labor in Love. In light of Hurricane Harvey, volunteer work is in high demand. Whether you can donate your time or money to help flood victims, see what opportunities are in your local area that will translate to help in Texas. Check with the American Red Cross to see what ways you might be able to help.

Photo Credit-American Red Cross of Indiana 

Photo Credit-American Red Cross of Indiana 

Life Coach Crush // Discovering US // Issue 14

Lindsey Vertner is the founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC where she utilizes her unique perspective & coaching methods as a life & relationship coach.  Lindsey is devoted to helping women live a life full of passion, purpose, & balance. A major car wreck in 2007 had multiple medics pronouncing Lindsey brain dead. Amongst a multitude of injuries & battling for her life, Lindsey acquired an amazing & rare outlook on life from this traumatic experience. She uses her gifts & that outlook to push her clients to success.  Lindsey is a captivating speaker. She doesn’t just motivate & inspire her audiences through her words, but she challenges & encourages them to lean on her and take action in that very moment.

Lindsey is graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Psychology & of Liberty University with a master’s in Professional Counseling & Life Coaching. Lindsey also runs a second business in the direct sales industry as a Sexual Health Educator.  Lindsey was born & raised in Evansville, IN. She currently resides in Bloomington, IN with her husband & two miracle children.


Read her interview from Issue 14 below! 


What city are you currently residing in?

Bloomington, IN

What called you to your current city?

I moved to Bloomington to attend Indiana University.


Give us the scoop of your new city (longer answer can be your favorite workout studio, bars, restaurants, art galleries. Essentially a tour only a local could give)

After I graduated, I never left. The town kind of grows on you! I feel like you get a mix of city living, suburb living, and country living all in one spot. There is always an event going on – from sports to festivals to enrichment programs. I love food! Along with the usuals, there’s such a variety of options: Irish, Japanese, Italian, Creole, Vegan, you name it! Due to the university, a lot of them are open really late, & I’m a night owl! So, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled with my dining options. I love the bourbon chicken from Dats Cajun Creole Café. The Irish Lion is a local staple located on the popular Kirkwood Ave. When I pull an all-nighter, I know that I can’t beat a greasy (but delicious) pizza from Rockits Famous Pizza at 4 a.m. And if you like hole-in-the-wall places, Hinkles is the place for messy burgers!



What have you discovered about yourself since you’ve moved away?

Ultimately, I discovered that it’s up to me to create & live the life I want to enjoy.  Although support is appreciated, I cannot depend on others to make my life happy or successful for me. I am responsible for that. Often, people like to blame their upbringing or environment on their less-than-glamorous situation.  However, there are no good or bad situations…only the meaning that you give them. Being in Bloomington, I was able to understand that statement on a deeper level. I’m surrounded by people of all different cultures & backgrounds. What makes the same event negative for one person yet positive for another is the meaning it is given & the ways you can grow from it.


What values did you cultivate while living in Evansville that have helped you in your new city?

I was naturally a leader & high-achiever. I never had to be told to do my homework or read a book. However, I was blessed to be surrounded by people that saw my potential to be great & invested in my growth & success. My mother always encouraged & supported me. She was dedicated to driving me around to different activities and programs I wanted to participate in. I stayed busy. She even drove me across town for years so that I could attend a school that would academically challenge me more than my neighborhood school. I had teachers that requested I be placed in a gifted & talented program – teachers that wanted me to succeed, as much as my mother did. What this subconsciously taught me was that as important as it is to invest in yourself, it is just as important to invest in someone else. It really does take a village. I love helping someone see their own potential to be great, & I push them to take action toward their goals or a better life. I’m always striving to leave someone feeling better than they did before we interacted. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy & successful. In my career as a life coach, I am humbled & so grateful that I get to invest in others for a living!



What are your favorite memories of Evansville?

My favorite memories are from my childhood because I moved away when I graduated high school. I can always remember the visions & sounds from family get togethers. I loved when my family would come together over my grandmother’s house or at Burdette Park. We would eat the most amazing soul food. We’d laugh & tell stories all day long – “Remember when so & so used to…!”. My cousins & I would play outside. We liked to race, play tag, and play kickball! My grandmother’s homemade ice cream was THE BEST! She used to hate it when I played on her piano. “Get off that piano! It needs to be tuned!” She never got it tuned up!


What do you hope to see when you visit your hometown again?

I’d love to see more programs that really invest time and values into children because they are the next generation. I wish programs like Dr. Ira Neal’s Saturday Academy would return.  That program made learning fun and exposed us to things outside of Evansville. Programs like that helped to put an emphasis on education. If we, as adults, are not teaching children to strive for excellence, then, we can’t be upset when they settle for mediocrity. I’d also love to see a rise in local entrepreneurs, especially African American entrepreneurs. Not to single them out but because I know firsthand that we often don’t have the models or structural support we need to grow. Some of us are driven to figure it out on our own or have an emotional support system, but not everyone has that luxury. Although I live out of town, I always try to support when I see people doing positive things in Evansville. There’s a group called “Moms That Pray” founded by Veltra Taylor that I’m excited to watch grow. The group often sponsors events that support & encourage moms, like their recent Mommy & Me Brunch.


The Journey of Self Discovery


“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long course of the rivers, at the cast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they bypass by themselves without wondering.”

-St. Augustine


We know the famous American pioneers such as Daniel Boone and Davey Crokett from history class as those who left their homelands to discover unknown and unsettled territory. Pioneering is in our ancestral DNA discovering new lands and new places.

Lessor known or realized are the ordinary pioneers like you and I who garner the energy of the pioneer, called to discover not just external landscapes, but the internal landscape of our soul and sense of  purpose. As a kid, we think about the destination we are going and what we will conquer. As an adult, we begin to ask the questions, “Where do I journey? What path does it take me?” We begin to step into fresh new territory as we mature. There is always this sense of something that remains undiscovered, which can be more a curiosity than a burden. 


The energy of the pioneer seeks to discover, not necessarily landing a certain outcome. There is a need and a calling to be walking in an undiscovered area. We say, “This is where I am compelled to walk. It’s less important where it goes.” We are embued by the qualities of exploration, curiosity, and humility, the need to start again. Every moment is a new initiation, new beginning, new breath.


How often, however, do we allow ourselves to shift, change, float, and flow into something new? We have the should’s-“You should be settled by now. You should stick with one career, one person, one place, one idea.” Yet there is an unsettling feeling, a need for something else, something fresh, something new. We are inspired.

There comes a time when the journey stops being about the external and cerebral to becoming quiet, deep and internal. Instead of acting on thoughts and ideas, it means sitting with it, allowing it to percolate, and trust that something will emerge that in this moment we do not know what it actually looks like. If every single moment is a new opportunity to discover, the question then becomes, how is it then I can be more present?


 As a pioneer on a quest to discover, even by doing nothing, I can in fact step into new and undiscovered territory. This is then the ultimate paradox: just by sitting in this state of quietude and complete presence, I am on undiscovered land.


Kay Corpus MD leads her own yoga practice, The Yoga Loft Kentucky in Owensboro, Kay. 


Special Thanks to Maria Clark Photography for the images shot for Issue 14.